BESTCARE 2.0A streamline your hospital operations, enhance patient care, and optimize efficiency.

Solution Development

BestCare Solutions

Reduce Patient Waiting Time

Direct Patient Monitoring

Preventing medication error

Systematic Research in Treatment

Share Medical Info Between Hospitals

BestCare Features

By offering a highly configurable solution, BESTCARE ensures that healthcare organizations can effectively address their specific challenges and capitalize on their individual strengths.

  • RCM
  • Mobile EMR
  • CDW(BI/CI)
  • CDSS(Medi-Span)
  • Telehealth
  • Mobile E-Consent
  • Patient Portal

Patient-Centric Care Support

  • care supporting functions designed by active clinicians
  • Various viewer functions for integrated patient information review
  • Flexible medical record management functions

Patient Engagement

  • Patient portal for leading to better engagement and more informed decision-making
  • Mobile e-Consent for streamlining the process and engaging patients more actively

Safer & Efficient Medical Process

  • CDSS for comprehensive clinician support
  • Clinical Pathway for efficient care
  • CI/BI for clinical quality measurement and business efficiency

Telehealth Capabilities

  • Enabling virtual video consultations and remote patient monitoring.
  • Secured and encrypted communication.
  • Remotely monitor vital signs, enhancing accessibility


  • Compliance with global standard (HL7, IHE, FHIR, and others).
  • USA ONC-HIT certified HIS.
  • KSA NAPHIES certification.

Data Analytics

  • Supporting data-driven management.
  • Powerful CI/BI for clinical quality measurement and business efficiency.
  • Clinical Research Engine for facilitating academic research and publication.